Glen Rock NJ Dog Park
Information Sheet


Why does Glen Rock need a Dog Park?


There are currently over 1000 dogs registered in Glen Rock. Today, dogs are prohibited from being on school property and must be leashed in all parks. There are currently 25+ parks/recreational areas established for citizens,  0 for dogs in GR. Off-leash dog parks offer residents an opportunity to exercise and socialize their dogs in a safe and secure park setting while getting to know other dog lovers in town. Over 50 New Jersey towns have at least one dog park and more are coming!


How will it be paid for?

The park will be entirely funded by private donations.  Our PROMISE.


Where will it be located?

Our approved site, established by a Glen Rock Borough Council Resolution 238-15 on 12/9/15,  is an empty plot of unused borough land behind the recycling center at 350/390 Doremus Avenue. Block 46, Lot 4.02.  It is located between Upper and Lower Faber Fields. This site will require some clearing and maintenance before fence installation and landscaping. See photo below.

Our 10 year lease was approved by the Glen Rock Borough Council in May 2019 (and April 2018).

Who will maintain it?

Once established, trash removal will be done by the town, as it is for all parks. Glen Rock Dog Park Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit established for this purpose, working with town volunteers and park users, will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the park.


And the dedication...

The Glen Rock Dog Park will be dedicated to the 9/11 Search and Rescue dogs in honor of their participation, tireless devotion and dedication in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy.







9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs


"The Hero Dogs of 9/11 Legacy"

#GRDP is a Non-Profit

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

All donations are tax deductable to the extent allowed by law.  

EIN# 47-5005221

Contact Us          

                               Glen Rock Dog Park Inc.

                               233 Rock Road  PO Box 300

                               Glen Rock, New Jersey 07452


Glen Rock Dog Park Inc.






2019 Board Members:

CEO and Founder:                Michelle Hillock

President:                              Eileen Maher Hillock

Vice President:                     Lisa Schor Babin

Treasurer:                             Linda Brennan

Secretary:                             Christine Pfeiffer

Strategic Initiatives:             Christine and Jay Ross

Fundraising:                         John Burgoyne

Glen Rock Borough Council:

Liaison:                                 Mike O'Hagan


Honorary Board Members:

2015 Mayor John Van Keuren

2015 Councilwoman Joan Orseck

Both of whom are key project supporters and instrumental in helping the team accomplish this goal.



Volunteers providing Professional Services (pro-bono):

Construction:       Gulmy Construction

Landscaping:       Borst Landscape and Design

Plumber:              Cervone Plumbing

Electrician:          TBD

Architect Design: Borst Landscaping / Joe Tuttle

Accountant:          Stephen Schaub

Architect:             Paredes-Grube Architecture

Attorney:              Eric I. Orseck LLP

Graphics               Dione Goyette

Designer:              Art in Hand Cards

Engineer:              Bertin Engineering





© Glen Rock Dog Park Inc.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

EIN# 47-5005221


Mailing Address: 

Glen Rock Dog Park Inc.

233 Rock Road P.O. Box 300

Glen Rock, NJ 07452